Motivation letter


Maybe Robotics Club – Motivation letter

(Presented for the members on the 24’th of February)

In 2050 the worlds population will be roughly 9 billion humans. 9 billion mouths to feed. This calls for new solutions for modern agriculture, and there is in my mind no doubt that in the next 20 years we will witness a revolution in agriculture.The revolution will disrupt agriculture as we know it today and leave us with a complete new agriculture system. Many of the big farms will survive this and keep on feeding the mass population, but there will also be a variety of small and medium size farms who will produce and sell their homegrown and organic products.

Denmark has a strong history of making great agriculture products for the world marked. We also have a strong history of making intelligent systems. But most important is that we have a strong tradition of working together on all levels. Inside companies we dare to ask questions to the leaders and we dare to suggest new ways of working if the old routines are obsolete. Between organisations we also have a strong tradition on working together. Like we also have strong traditions of bridging education with business.

This might sound very down to earth, but this is quite unique for Denmark.

My vision with this Club, is that we can extend the collaboration and pioneer new technologies, – together. This forum should multiply the good ideas and form strong partnerships.

But I can not do this alone. You have to help me. A network is never stronger than the members. I can arrange the meetings, secure a good program, but without your participation, it will fade out. Eventually. I already have 2 requests for partnerships from other organisation. A community for start up companies in agtech, and the cluster for Bio and Food. This means we are on the right track.The stronger the community is, the more we can extend the collaboration.

But lets get started, I am looking forward to meet in person when Corona allows this, but until then we will stick to virtual meetings. So help me make a great forum for collaboration and strong partnerships, and together we can pioneer new technologies.

To benefit the society, the community and each of your organisations.


Next meeting in the Club in 21’st of April.